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make it more user friendly

to use the program for people that are new at useing the photo programs

spikie , 16.07.2010, 16:35

this is the worest and hardest site to use you should make it easier and moe understandin

i was so confused through the hole process i just had to give up i hate it i thck it should be deleted or funner and more easy to use

cassandra, 21.09.2010, 23:19

make it easier access to this

saguittarian, 11.09.2010, 01:21
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 24.09.2010
Please write in comments what interface elements need to be changed and how? You can send us the examples at customercare (dog) vicman.net or write "example" website addresses in the comments here.
Idea status: in process


Daniel Goss, 15.12.2014, 11:51
Some great options and could be a fantastic site. Just REALLY hard to navigate with links not working and options are vague. A tutorial for new users might actually make this a hit.....thumbs down at this point!
markova, 16.12.2014, 06:35
Dear Daniel! Please visit our http://blog.pho.to/, there you will find lots of good tutorials on how to edit photos.
avecham, 27.05.2015, 15:29
It would be helpful to have an option to delete uploaded photos after editing - thank you!
Jack , 30.09.2016, 11:56
It's takes a few trial runs to learn the sequence, after that easy.
I would like to know how to send the finished album without including the admin. Link.
Anyone know this?

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